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            History of Kamado

The grill originated from a Chinese ceramic cooking device used in the Qin Dynasty dating back some 3000 years ago.

But, what is so special about the Kamado?

You may be asking yourself now, what is so special about this grill?? As there are many other less expensive “kettle style” grills available at much lower prices.

The secret of the Kamado is the ceramic dome. The ceramic dome not only locks in heat, but also retains moisture which results in the most deliciously cooked food. The various cooking accessories available for the Kamado also allow the user to cook in various styles which results in the ultimate culinary experience.

The heat controls allow the user to accurately control and regulate the temperature thereby offering endless cooking possibilities
It uses very little fuel as the ceramic retains the heat therefore making it more environmentally friendly than any other similar grill. 

The ceramic dome enjoys a 20 year warranty –which means that this is the last grill you ever buy!!

Why Kamado?

Ceramic Construction

Durable refractory ceramic body, with non-fading ceramic glaze coated.

Retains Heat 

The heavy ceramic dome construction & felt gasket provide a tight seal which makes the Kamado grills highly efficient. This allows the grill to operate on minimal charcoal quantities while smoking food for many hours. Even ideal for use in cold winter climates.

Retains Moisture

The efficient design of the Kamado Grills requires a minimal amount of air to keep it hot. With less air flow, there is less drying, so the food retains its moisture. This eliminates the need for a water pan.

Temperature Control 

The temperature of Kamado Grills can be adjusted by the top draft vent & bottom draft vent. Since the temperature within the grills fluctuates very little, as minimal air flows and few fires runaway, so it’s easy to maintain your desired temperature for hours.

Wide Temperature Range

Easily sustains temperatures from 200 to over 800 degrees internally, allowing food warming, smoking and searing.


The exterior surface remains much cooler than that of a steel grill. So it is much safer in the operation of cooking.

Enhanced Flavour 

The sealed dome construction provides a more even heat and effective distribution of smoked flavour into the food. Taste it and you’ll believe it!

Stops Flare-Ups

When operating with the lid closed and the air vents adjusted properly, minimal air prevents flare-ups. This also prevents wood chips that are not soaked from burning up too quickly, allowing the desired smoked flavour to be achieved.

 3 Cookers in 1

• Hotter temperatures for searing.

• Lower, even temperatures for long-term smoking. 

• Excellent heat radiation for use as an oven. 

Quick Start Up

With Natural Lump Charcoal, you’ll have your Kamado Grills up to temperature in only 10 minutes. With a small firelighter square, or an electric charcoal starter, you’ll be amazed how quickly the fire starts with concentrated airflow from underneath the grate.

Minimal Charcoal Usage

½ to ¼ the charcoal usage of other grills and smokers. On low, charcoal burns for hours in the Kamado Grills. When finished cooking, just close the air controls and you’ll have charcoal left in the grill for next time.

Minimal Maintenance

You seldom need replacements for Kamado Grills due to its compact construction of ceramic dome & fire bowel. We commit to a lifetime warranty for all ceramic parts, five (5) years for all metal parts, 90-days for side shelves, 90-days for temperature gauge and 1-year for cover. This Warranty is not transferable to subsequent owners.

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