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YNNI Universal Ceramic 9 Inch Pizza Stone (23cm) TQAPP23
YNNI Universal Ceramic 9 Inch Pizza Stone (23cm) TQAPP23

YNNI Universal Ceramic 9 Inch Pizza Stone (23cm) TQAPP23

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Part Number:TQAPP23

YNNI Universal Ceramic 9 Inch Pizza Stone (23cm)

Part Number: TQAPP23


This Pizza Stone is for TOPQ 13 Inch or larger Ceramic Kamado BBQ Grills or Ovens

Product ID Oven Size



TQAPP23 13" + 9" /23cm 1cm 0.75kg 9" x 9" x 0.4"
23cm x 23cm x 1cm
TQAPP206 13" + 8" /20.6cm 1cm 0.6kg 8" x 8" x 0.4"
20.6cm x 20.6cm x 1cm
TQAPP26 14" + 10" /26cm 2cm 1.7kg 10" x 10" x 0.8"
26cm x 26cm x 2cm
TQAPP295 15" + 12" /29.5cm 1.5cm 1.8kg 11.6" x 11.6" x 0.6"
29.5cm x 29.5cm x 1.5cm
TQAPP36T 20" + 14.5" /36cm 1.5cm 2.6kg 14.5" x 14.5" x 0.6"
36cm x 36cm x1.5cm
TQAPP38T 21" + 15" /38cm 1.5cm 2.9kg 15" x 15" x 0.6"
23cm x 23cm x 1.5cm
TQAPP42T 23" + 16.5" /42cm 1.5cm 3.6kg 16.5" x 16.5" x 0.6"
42cm x 42cm x 1.5cm
TQAPPBL 20" + 13" /30cm 1.5cm 1.4kg 13" x 13" x 0.4"
30cm x 30cm x 1.5cm
TQHMPS260 15" + 10" /26cm 2cm 1.6kg 10" x 10" x 0.8"
26cm x 26cm x 2cm
TQHMPS305 18" + 12" /30.5cm 2cm 2.6kg 12" x 12" x 0.8"
30.5cm x 30.5cm x 2cm
TQHMPS355 20" + 14" /35.5cm 2cm 3.4kg 14" x 14" x 0.8"
35.5cm x 35.5cm x 2cm
TQHMPS38T 21" + 15" /38cm 2cm 4.2kg 15" x 15" x 0.8"
38cm x 38cm x 2cm
TQHMPS42 23" + 16" /42cm 2cm 4.8kg 16" x 16" x 0.8"
42cm x 42cm x 2cm



Ceramic Pizza Stone for TOPQ Kamado Grills and other ovens, will fit other grills of same or LARGER internal dimensions. It can also be used as a heat deflector in smaller grills when used in conjunction with or without an elevator for indirect, slow cooking and smoking applications.

Extra thick and heat resistant for kamado use.


Diameter: 23cm;  Height/Thickness: 1cm; Weight: 0.75kg


Pizza stone is made of Ceramic natural earth ware and is suitable for all Kamado ovens and others. It is tested to 300 degrees C


Product features


Size: 9 Inches x 9 Inches x 0.4 Inches 

(23cm x 23cm x 1cm);
Material: Ceramic, clay;
Feature: heatproof, endure 300 degree C temperatures in your TOPQ Kamado BBQ Grills.


We offer no guarantees that our TOPQ items will fit other makes of grill but will try to make every effort to help if you email us your grill's measurements. Any items that do suit your requirements can be returned for refund. Postage costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.





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Direct from the manufacturers TOPQ ceramics offer a top quality Kamado oven at a sensible price



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